Excited much?

Well I’m bouncing off the proverbial walls today. It’s probably the only upside to getting sick, the first day you feel better is just glorious.

Plus…Hub worked some kind of magic and got me my own phone for my birthday. I’m currently stalking the mailman…it should be here any minute. This is a gift for him as much as it is for me; we do everything with his poor phone. I’ve never actually had a smart phone before so I’ll probably disappear into the abyss for a while. The next post I do write will be with my own lil piece of tech though so that’s something!

This past year has been like a camping trip, if you can imagine it. No cable, no internet, the only computer is for Hubs work. It turns out that stuff like that is a little more than just luxury now. It’s kind of terrifying when he works on location and I have no means of communication with the world. You can dial 911 from anything that was once a phone but that’s kind of extreme. Sometimes you’re just scared of the mothman…emergency services would not be amused with such a call.

It’s been years since the Hub and I have exchanged gifts anyway. We kinda gave that up with the birth of our first baby. We don’t regret that, even if they do enjoy the box the thing came in more than the gift itself.


At least once a day I wish I was Gus. He’s a professional free-style sleeper, as you can see. This photo is also a good example for why you should never paint your walls yellow. Every photo you try to take will also be yellow.

True story. Anyway, I’ll be back soonish with all kinds of internet adventures, all excited about stupid lil things the rest of the world has known forever. I’ll probably get myself into a few scraps too.

So there’s that! Til next time.




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