Pumpkin Box

Yeah my phone came in but I’m not allowed to have it yet. Hub is loving his new form of torture. He’s currently texting me with my new phone from another room in the house (I’m using his). Luckily there was some other mail to kind of distract me.

I signed up for a swap thing on Instagram a few months ago. This wasn’t like the Indie Craft Sampler…it was just a bunch of girls sending a box of lil gifts to each other. The whole concept is kind of a big deal in the online shopping world. Usually they’re called subscription boxes and, in my opinion, sell like they do based on the “exclusive” “limited supply” sort of sales tactic. It’s brilliant, really. Girls go nuts for that stuff.

Anyway, the box I put together was awesome though I failed at the time to take any pictures. I got my box from my swap partner today though and it really was a good time. Check it:


It was a fall themed swap and there were four specific things we were supposed to include. Memory fails me on that now, but she threw in two kinds of soap which is bonus in my book, germaphobe that I am.


And this. Pretty sure that’s a real acorn! We were supposed to include something we made ourselves and if she made this…well I kinda think she could give me a run for my money in the jewelry department. It’s extremely well done and creative.

On that note, my shop site is making a bit more sense these days. It’s a lot less of an eyesore too thanks to Hub and a fellow blogger who was sweet enough to not only look at it, but give me some very good advice on things I need to improve. When I’m finished I fully intend to give her a proper shout out. Her blog never fails to entertain.

I’m hoping this new phone improves my ability to navigate this Land of Blog and other aspects of the interwebs. There’s a lot of stuff I’d love to share.


4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Box

  1. I adore that acorn necklace. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. I did a fabric swap years ago and received these prints that I never would have picked out myself. I ended up making a baby quilt which I gave to a friend and she adored it. Swaps are fun!

    • I was so nervous but they really are! The girl I swapped with has 4 kids and has been too busy to say what she thought of hers though I guess. Or she hated it ūüė≥

      • Well, I didn’t even like the fabric I got at first and then I made something cool that someone else loved, so the fact that its not something you would get for yourself is what makes it interesting. But of course, I did make sure to thank the sender, that’s a no brainer. She’s probably just busy – how could she not be with 4 kids?


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