Hashtags and Jack Black

It’s Support Small Business Saturday!

According to the Instagram, anyway. Now I’m really wishing Id moved a lil faster this week and organized some kind of event. Alas…I did not. Still, I like to think all my Saturdays are in support of small biz as it’s pretty much our life line.

I could throw something together now but I haven’t done much for my hype lately. Hype is everything for tiny online shops like myself. It takes about a week of steady activity and hype generation to create a productive sales event. And that’s if you already have a decent following.

I didn’t actually come here to sing that song today but once I get started…

Ahem. Anyway, I’ve had a phone and steady access to the interwebs for a few solid hours now. What have I done? Glad you asked!

* sister texting for hours on end. This alone makes a new monthly bill totally worth it.

* She keeps trying to get me all excited about current events, which I purposefully ignore. Her goal is to get me popping off at the mouth like in the old days. This amuses her. I shall stay strong.

* Rented the moth man prophesies on iTunes. Still waiting for the Hub to find out…he’s gonna kill me.

* Posted a video to FB of Jack Black singing happy birthday because that’s the other thing this Saturday represents. I thought Id created a safe lil FB bubble, but that video was cute enough to get passed around and now my inlaws know I’ve blocked them. Silly girl…no one is safe on the FB.

* Apparently I don’t know any of my passwords for anything and have successfully locked myself out of my email. This is strange because I use the same password for everything…I mean, I got into Facebook right? Course I did.

* I also downloaded the FB messenger app even though I was advised not to. It’s just that I couldn’t remember why I wasn’t supposed to do it and my unicorn was carrying on a conversation with me there somehow so…what’s a girl to do?

I’m getting the impression that FB is creepy now in new and creative ways. It’s not just the users anymore, it’s the damn program itself. Can’t put my finger on it yet but…I’m usually right about these things.

Guess I’ll be finding out soon enough.



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