It’s My Party…

…I’ll work if I want to.

Actually I really have to get going. Remind me to agree to nothing next year. Ugh.

Anyway, I still have no business cards for my shop. I find this kind of pathetic and I spend entirely too much time obsessing over designs without ever making a commitment.

They have to be perfect though! Or they don’t and it’s much more important that I just get it done. Either way, for now I have to make them printer friendly. Until I make a few more sales, I can’t afford the cards I really want.

Business card magnets, people. Brilliant. Because you know you have a bunch permanently residing on your own fridge. That’s daily subliminal marketing!


That’s a version I can print from home. I wanna yawn just looking at it.


Something that would make a decent magnet someday, methinks.

I’d love for them to say something like, “Hey remember that really cool shit you got that one time? This is where you got it!” Only…more professional.

Sigh. If only I were married to a designer!

Oh wait I am. But he refuses to work with me because I’m a terrible client.

Anyway. Thoughts appreciated on this if you’re bored. You miraculously appeared in front of this mess for a reason, right?

Let’s go with that.


3 thoughts on “It’s My Party…

  1. Maybe the little banner going across can be at the top, then the flowers where it used to be. Then the web address and such. A wild and crazy looking design is always nice. But keeping it simple will do, all huge businesses usually have very simple designs.

    But I get where your coming from, I can never decide on things. I’ve scrapped so many ideas which would have been fine, I feel like I have OCD sometimes lol.


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