The Queen and I

I don’t go out much, but when I do I go with my mom.

Something about a good cover band and a drink or two just brings us together.

Or in this case, a drag show.


Miss Tara Austin herself introducing the Birdcage Bad Girls and giving us the Rules. It was mom’s first time so I’d let her pick the table. Of course she shied away from the front row, making photography a tough job. Still…I got a few keepers.


They made good use of that back wall…


Tara interviewing someone’s cute boyfriend. She got him to strip and everything. Skills.




I wish I could remember the names of the other Bad Girls. They were all fantastic. This lady in the pink (red?) got a dollar from my mother later. I didn’t get a picture of that…it wasn’t until late in the show that I realized not only were pictures allowed, they were encouraged. The girls gave special attention to anyone with a camera or cash.


Coyote Ugly moves. Mom was grateful for her choice of tables when this stuff started.


Some guy checkin’ out Tara’s booty. Busted!



And there she is embarrassing some people that weren’t us. Good times.

The other girls danced rather than talk like Tara did. They moved fast. I couldn’t get any good pictures of them, but I can tell you they’re better dancers than I am. And they have more clothes.

We had a great time. The Purple Parrot is a colorful bar a few blocks from the boardwalk. I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re ever in town. I can’t remember the story behind all the dollars pinned everywhere, but someone will fill you in if you ask.

I’m sure it’s a good one.



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