So Much for That…

Once upon a time, I had a stretchy brain. It must have been like one of those girls who can do yoga on a surf board. I used to say things like, “Oh my brain feels all sleepy and blah…it needs a work out.” And then I’d go start an argument on the internets somewhere and feel better.

Ahh…youth. I don’t know when sleepy and blah became a permanent state. I guess it must be like getting fat; slow and subtle.

I figured if that was the case, all I needed was to hit the proverbial gym. I don’t internet-fight anymore. At some point I decided there was already too much hurt in the world to go around handing out more. I don’t read the news because it makes me sad, or mad, and I’ve got enough of that already. What to do?

I looked up the origin of Murphy’s Law because it seemed relevant and I was curious. Buuut…boring. And long. I still have no idea where it really came from.

I did read a pretty good book lately. Pretty amazing feat considering the short attention span previously mentioned. I thought about writing it up, but of course the author already did that. And he’s smarter than me sooo…

This post is about nothing. Congrats!



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