Stirring the Crock

I really don’t have time for this.

My brain begs to differ; it will not let me go on with my regularly scheduled thoughts until I hash it out.

And this just happens to be where I hash things out.

I came across this post last night when it was reblogged by OM. And now I can’t get it out of my head.

I follow a lot of blogs and I love my Reader. I love to read, but due to a ridiculously short attention span, I mainly stick to short stories. I’ve read every book of short stories I can get my hands on several times over, so when I found out that blogs were more than tutorials and elongated Pinterest posts I got very excited.

I can honestly say that I have been impressed (not to mention entertained) by everything I’ve seen here. To me it’s…beautiful.

Funny, informative, emotional…human. I’m not always interested, sometimes I disagree, but I always respect the writer. Im just glad people still do it. Really! I was starting to lose hope for the world.

I thank the Land of Blog for its inhabitants.

Here’s the thing…that post is under my skin. I read things I disagree with all the time and never give it a second thought. So what was it about this one?

Well…I do fit under her category of a “crock of shit”. I don’t do it for attention and I never expected anyone to read it. For the most part no one does. I’m cool with that.

Actually, the “followers” I do have astound me. I don’t think about them when I post because it gives me stage fright and I’m not a performer. I just…do what I do. I hate the word follower too. As if I’m a cult leader and you all are my mindless minions.

Lets all have some koolaid as we wait for the gods to pick us up in their shiny spaceships and whisk us all away to Utopia!

You know what I mean.

I’m irrationally loyal too like “I like these followers and I don’t wanna know anybody else.” I do though. Not for the accumulation, but because I like people. It’s weird. Whatever.

Maybe it’s because she was so articulate. I get it. I’m not a fan of the social media either. I reserve the right to unfollow, scroll past, or in some cases block anybody I want. It’s liberating. I definitely recommend it. Even if it’s me you don’t wanna see.

My blog is a crock of shit. Ohmygoodness…I’ll be the first to tell you that. Maybe I should rename it so people can be forewarned…?

I could make an About page with some kind of disclaimer.

Warning! This blog sucks. It is drivel at best. Really it’s about nothing at all. Bad grammar, spelling, punctuation, and nonsensical gibberish are within. Proceed with caution.

I feel kinda bad like apologies may be in order.

I’ll say this though…I feel a hell of a lot better after getting all that out.

If I have somehow enabled a setting here that puts a gun to your head until you read my incoherent posts, please let me know.

I just push buttons sometimes and things happen.


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