Fall is a 4 Letter Word.

A car just flew past my house with a half naked woman hanging out of the sunroof screaming her head off…

It was a “I just won the lottery!” scream not a rapey scream so I’m sure everything’s ok.

Anyway…fall. Pretty, right? Leaves are changing colors, the days are cooler and shorter, pumpkins are everywhere …

And so are the germs. Our family was sick from the first week of school until the middle of January last year. I was pretty sure the bus my kids ride everyday said Public School on the side but maybe it was public sewer…?

Tis also the season for identity fraud. We get that every year too though usually it’s pretty minor. But this year is special. Check it out:


Looks like I might be a millionaire! Or maybe I might be robbed. This sweet lil old lady is dying and wants to send me ten millions. Says she found me on a Christian website. That’s when I knew I was being scammed. I’d never show up on a site like that unless it was on a wanted poster.

Nice try lady, but someone already beat ya to it. Couple people, actually.

Maybe that’s what that girl was screaming about…


6 thoughts on “Fall is a 4 Letter Word.

  1. We got scam emails all the time when we were apartment hunting “Sorry I don’t actually have access to the property, and I’m out of the country… doing Christian stuff. Just send me a copy of your passport and I’ll mail you the keys.” Different names, different countries, always adamant that sending out my passport info was the Christian thing to do.


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