Ask and you shall receive.

It’s been a little hectic around here lately. So much so that my already flailing brain hasn’t had the spunk to read or write.

I felt super guilty about not responding to the award thing though, so I took some time to get that written up. For what it’s worth, I’m glad I did. Credit where it’s due and all.

I also popped in to the stats page. I’m glad I did that too because it made me giggle and I value a laugh more than money these days.

God bless the google. If you’re ever curious about a thing you need only type it in their magical search box and…viola. Answers. Or at least entertainment. Observe:


To which Google replied….


Magical, right?

Maybe not, but I definitely lol’ed a little.

Thank you, whoever you are. I needed that.


2 thoughts on “Indeed.

    • It was surprisingly specific, right? Lol. Yeah, I actually like George. I just think its kinda funny what they do with different nationalities. Apparently I’m not the only one (;


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