Tennessee Ruined My Life

I finally flew.

If you were on that flight from Philadelphia to Nashville, I was the girl who looked like she might cry, laugh or vomit at any moment. In retrospect I’m surprised they let me get on at all. A face like that is way more suspicious than the bottom of a shoe. It’s ok though. I never actually did any of those things which is more than I can say for my fellow passengers.

I kinda thought I’d end up like Mr. Play-it-safe from that Alanis Morsette song (90s kids get a fist bump), but not only did I live, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I was the only passenger that did enjoy that flight. It was my first so I had nothing to compare it to except a bus ride down a dirt road which is exactly what it felt like.

Take off was pretty much the shit. I think I fell in love with the pilot a lil bit just because he knew how to fly. I’m easily impressed. Still. Street lights seen from the sky are oddly romantic.

I laughed when I saw the seat belts, though. I mean really…who are we kidding.


My feet couldn’t reach the floor and the windows were still too low and tiny for comfort. I put a pretty serious kink in my neck trying to get a good look out of them. The fact that I sat on top of the wing didn’t help much, either.

I had a whole bucket list of things to do for my trip to Tennessee. Jumping while on the airplane had been one of them but, alas. It’s only a two hour flight from Philly to Nashville and they never let us leave our seats.

Actually, the whole trip was completely different than we’d hoped. I went because my sister, three months pregnant, is losing her husband to yet another 9 month deployment. Rather than wait it out alone in TN, she chose to pack their life into a storage unit and come back to DE til they let him come home again. Such is the life of the military and their wives. Le sigh.

Anyway, she’d flown me down there for the week before his departure to help move and make the 13hr drive back home. We didn’t need that much time, so I made my list.

As it turned out, we did none of it. I did see Dollywood from the highway, so that’s something.

I really like Tennessee, though. I’d been told there were churches on every corner, but not in this town. This town had gun shops on every corner. They also had record stores which are long extinct in DE.

I didn’t realize how much I really did like the place until the drive back home. As soon as we crossed into Virginia, the world got a lil darker. The people were crabby, the land was flat, the cities were gross, no more sunsets, record stores, gun shops or smiles. And it was 37 degrees.


That’s coming from a girl who was super excited to be coming home, too. I missed the Hub and my babies like crazy. I did not miss the atmosphere.

So, that’s how TN ruined my life. Now that I’ve seen a bit of what’s out there, I’m not as satisfied with the swamp as I was two weeks ago.

Satisfied, complacent, is easy. Wanting things…not so much.



2 thoughts on “Tennessee Ruined My Life

  1. Sad to see that you plans didn’t work out. Yet it’s nice to hear that you had the chance to fly for the first time although you were not allowed to jump (this day will come for sure!) ūüėÄ


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