The Great and Powerful Oz

True things are true.

Before I get philosophical, I’m gonna post something I got in the mail today that honestly deserves it’s own post but who has the time?


This is just the packaging on the actual thing I ordered from Thurston Post (who, as usual, has no idea this blog exists). I know that the supplies inside the packaging are just as, if not more beautiful but the outside was just the kinda pretty I needed today. This chick is talented. I highly suggest checking her out.

That’s actually the reverse example of what I wanted to talk about: The Man behind the Curtain. That’s a real pretty curtain.

Let’s focus on that for a sec, real life beckons now.

Pardon me as I burst into flames.



2 thoughts on “The Great and Powerful Oz

    • Haha! Well i was kinda intimidated by just the outside packaging so i totally know what you mean! On her FB account she has pics of how to use them though…shoulda mentioned that before.


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