Too Legit

I owe a lot to music.

I use it to time stamp my memories, it’s the only thing that can make me do house work, I name many of my products after songs and often use sheet music as a backdrop in my photos.

And, of course, this blog is full of it too. I’d like to thank MC Hammer and of course the 90s for this title.


If you’re too young to remember 1991, I hate you.

Not really.

…ok just a little.


I finally got my business card magnets.


Now I too am legit.

Too legit to quit.


2 thoughts on “Too Legit

  1. Ha, all I remember about ’91 is my brother being born… it was kind of a big event though. Love your business cards, and love that they are magnets! I like magnets, much nicer than a piece of paper that will get lost in the shuffle


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