Biggest Christmas Chicken

Ok! As promised, I’ve got a few more pieces of holiday eye candy for ya.

And probably a bunch more typos and weird random errors like the last post. Sorry…I need to install that update. It’s on my list.

Anyway, forgot to say this last time but the shops I mention here have no idea I’m doing any of this. I don’t share this blog with anyone directly…’twas fate that brought you here (;

So rest assured this is no sponsored blabbity blah…I’m a real life happy customer. The fact that I am a customer means that they are also affordable, fast, and good human people as well. I’m a very picky, careful, shopper. Which is why you will see me showing off new things from shops I’ve mentioned before. When I find a good one, I keep em.


This cutie comes from theroopouch on Etsy. I first heard of her via some IG friends who were, so I thought, infatuated. It happens…some hero worship or brown nosing whatever. But then I saw this and decided to give her a try. She also has one that says Giddy Up because, you know, Seinfeld. My dad has to have it. Well it came in the mail and it was love at first sight. Legit. It’s weird right? You see the pic, think “Aw cute” or whatever but yeah…this thing is awesome. I went straight back to her store and bought three more gifts there. Score!


Next up we have Social Goods Co. If you’re an earthy, Eco friendly human you will love this shop for that reason alone. Personally, I love the earth in a less intimate way but this shop is still a favorite of mine. I mean it’s just so friggin cute. And it makes you feel…fancy. I gave my first set of pencils from them to the Hub because he likes fancy stuff sometimes and I’m a pen kinda girl. I bought this colorful set as a gift though because honestly who doesn’t like a lil fancy? It’s not all pencils there so give them a look real quick. You’ll see what I mean.


Now these

They’re a tradition here now. I think the Hub would be heartbroken if I skipped a year. He actually gets kinda sad when he uses them all and really looks forward to getting them again every year. They’re From the adorable shop of AubreyEApothecary and they are tiny handmade soaps, by the way. He tells me they smell amazing (I have no sense of smell like Dewey Cox). It’s called Fireside and he says it smells just like a camp fire. Of course she’s got a shop full of others that are just as impressive. I also recommend the Oreos.


Last but not least is this custom made fabric covered hoop from LoveyDoveyShop. I’m a terrible customer…indecisive and unclear it’s really a phenomena. She really nailed it though I was impressed. I pretty much said “She’s in to that minimalist stuff…you know. Black and white with surprise colors.” What you see here is the exact translation. Impressive indeed.

She too has a great shop. I bought a few sets of magnets as gifts too and someday, when I’m all growed up, I shall have one of her wreaths.





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