Stars for Breakfast

So hey…been a while.

Sorry ’bout that. I’m sure you’ve been kinda busy, too.

Missed you, though.

My brain is pretty full of stuff and things of a rather serious and philosophical consistency but for now, I feel like I need to do the light, happy Christmas thing.

So! Odds are you’re a real life grown up who plans and organizes and stuff. Personally, I’m still surprised by Christmas every year. Like a goldfish, ya know?

In my defense, I have been super busy. I managed to remember to buy some gifts before the 20th this year so that’s progress!

Which brings me to my point. Lookit!


This is a “relaxation set” from Lil Shoppe of Sunshine. They’re pretty much amazing. I bought it for the Hub (she will give you a manly print if you ask…I liked this one though!) and gave it to him early because he had those awful stress shoulders. You know. Anyway, he’s in love. Seriously. It’s like his security blanket. Those hot/cold packs from the drug store are ok, but they’re super stiff and kinda suck. This is soft and flexible and cuddly even when it’s “frozen”. And he loves the smell too. Highly recommend this one.


While I was there, I picked up this adorable pixie play set for my lil niece. Ermergerd. Couldn’t be cuter. The lil thing sleeps in the felt leaf and the craftsmanship is to die for.




These are from Thurston Post who I honestly can’t say enough about. The Christmasy set went to my mother in law. Let me just say that she is a wonderful person…we’re just complete opposites. So buying for her is a challenge. That set blew her mind though. No joke. I was so proud of me! But really, this shop is amazing. Just try one of those mini kits. Ten bucks. Thank me later.

The yellow set went to my sister who’s husband is in Afghanistan this Christmas. She’s understandably depressed, so I got this set hoping to inspire her to make cute lil things to send him. Mission accomplished. It was a Christmas miracle.

I have quite a few more that are just as great. I bought exclusively from other small handmade shops like mine this year. I am so glad I did. Every other year was such a headache due to corporate bitchiness. Welp…sorry Target but you’ve been replaced.

No one loves and appreciates every single customer more than a small business owner. Shopping small is an experience you need to have. You won’t regret it.

Anywho, I’ll post more later tonight! They’re all on my IG as well if you’re in a hurry. A few are still running sales and stuff for the next few days so if you’re looking to pop your handmade cherry now is the time! ūüėČ



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