We Like to Party

Know what’s weird?

I have, temporarily, over 1200 IG followers at the the moment. That’s more hypothetical eyes than I’ve ever dreamed of. And yet…I honestly have nothing to say to them.

Weird, right? I’m all like “Meh!”

It’s probably because they’re not really my followers, they’re just playing the lottery. My shop is part of a gift card giveaway loop for like $500 and to be honest if I wasn’t in the game I’d be trying to win it myself.

I don’t blame em. But I’m not trying to keep em either, which is unlike me.

I don’t even care that I don’t care!

Anyway, here’s what I am doing…




Planning sister’s baby shower. (:

This will be the third party I’ve “planned” this year. I think I love it. I really do.

Which is also weird because I really can’t plan. Its more like building or making a party although I am responsible for the planning so…

Guess I can!

Just parties though. Don’t ask me to plan life it’s just painful.





Sister crafting. Sorta. She’s super talented and artsy but she’s also one of those people that almost has too many gifts. It comes so easily to her that she gets bored and just drops it.

I can’t sympathize. Everything is a challenge for me.

I do like to party, though.

And pom poms. Clearly.

And I can do it on absolutely no budget. I mean like none.

I’ll admit to being pretty proud of that at least. I am good at being broke. Win!

On that note, if you wanna win that card it end um…tomorrow I think? You can find me on IG under @doesydoates



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