She ain’t heavy, She’s my sister.

Know what I like best about Hypotheticals?

You don’t get all huffy if I don’t show up for a while.

I dig that.

We’re so damn chill.

There are ten years (and many hurts) between my sister and I. If we weren’t such badasses we probably wouldn’t have survived it.

I still wonder sometimes if I will.

Besides those ten years, the differences are:

(Hint: I’m not on the winning side of any of these)

* about 7 inches
* biological fathers
* brains (one of us graduated a year early…)
* talent. So much actually that she doesn’t bother to use it. You know the type.

Even though the second one probably has a lot to do with it, standing next to her can be a little…awkward.

And I’m not a self hater. Just realistic. Because I like standing next to her.

Of course not standing there makes my ignorance much easier.

I guess I love her more than I love mental stability.




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