Gather ’round, kids.

Time for more weird ass stories from the woods!

So a couple weeks ago the sky took a big ‘ole white dump on us. Again. Compared to other places it wasn’t a big deal but this is DE. There’s a picture of us in the dictionary under “Mild”. Seriously. Look it up.

Any-who, there we were snowed in for um-teenth day. The kids played in the backyard for about five minutes before one of em did a face plant in the snow and declared a boycott on everything wet.

Sister and I were going a little crazy and decided to see how long we could stand on the front porch before the kids found us.

The snow out front was completely unbroken because, you know…Delaware. We hate the stuff. Even the animals seemed to have disappeared.



“Hey…check that out…”

Sister walks a few steps from the porch to the above set of tracks.

“Bird?” I ask, not caring.

“Too deep. Plus…there’s only one.”

“Cat maybe.” And still not one shit is given.

“One legged cat, maybe.”

Now I’m intrigued.

“And actually…they’re too big for a cat. And shaped kinda…weird.”

Well now I have to get wet because I can’t not share this with her. It’d drive me nuts.


Sure enough this critter appears to have but one leg.

Weird. Weirder still that the trail splits at one point as if the thing was…I dunno…carrying a similar one legged pal and dropped him off there to hop is separate way.

Upon closer inspection…



Because I think it looks like a human foot. A tiny human.


In the snow.

With one leg.

One legged barefoot baby in the woods.

PS that trail led straight up to the porch.

Some crazy neighbor with a baby foot stamp on a stick trying to blow my mind?

Like some kinda cartoon jerk?

You can’t make this stuff up.



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