“And people actually pay for that?”

Clearly my mother in law is not a Lalylala fan.

“So all you do is glue this to that…I see.”

My grandma has no poker face. Her family has owned a custom jewelry store for years and the concept of button earrings is baffling to her.

“It’s just not…your thing. Yarn is your thing.”

I’ve asked Hub almost daily if he liked my work and he always seemed to approve. Until he dropped that bomb out of the blue a few days ago.

Geez, Hub. You know I don’t wanna be that American Idol kid.

You know…the guy with the terrible voice and the super enthusiastic family. There’s one every year. It’s the cruelest thing you could do to a person, that false hope. Suck it up and tell people the truth. It’s so much better to sting a little in private than suffer such public humiliation.

Anyway, that’s their opinions. Here’s mine.

I love my stuff. I honestly do. I mean sure…a trained monkey could make button earrings. The “work” part is not technical at all. However, a certain degree of design and an eye for color does make a difference. I don’t have an ego but I’ll say this…I can design the hell out of some jewelry. It’s the technical work that kills me.

The truth is, I’ve been kinda itching to get back in to “real” jewelry making for a little while now. My mother always did the hard stuff…all those tiny pieces and tools and blahblahblah.

But those comments above got to me. They were all delivered the same week…independent of each other. No conspiracy or intervention, just…boom.

I disagree with my mother in law though those dolls are the shit. No, really. I can’t take credit for that design of course but still…I’ve made a lot of toys and those are hands-down the best ever.

My customers seem to agree with me there…I’m currently a little back logged with custom doll orders.

In between all that crochet though I’ve been designing “real” jewelry. Check it:





Maybe it’s not so technical, but it’s definitely not gluing shit to other shit.

Just sayin’.

And I have some really cool ideas. Just you wait.

I gotta finish those dolls so I can get on that.

Til then…




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