Blank Space

This is gonna be so badly written.

My brain didn’t show up for work today. Again. I’d fire that bitch if I could find a replacement. Thought maybe she’d be here somewhere though. Well see.

But yeah I’m so pissed at Taylor Swift. The reasons are threefold:

* That damn song has been stuck in my head for three days. Great song and the title works perfectly with my post today and yeah the video really is somethin…three days is a long time though. C’mon.

* Old news now, but are you kidding me with those damn trademarks?!
Careful when you click that link…I was annoyed before I read that and now I’m in an all caps rage.

She’s actually got a team of people searching Etsy for tags with “her” lines in them. They’re actually shutting down the shops for using them…

Welcome to Rageville, population you!

…keep an eye out for my new Shake It Off something or other in the shop because Oh.My.God.

According to Forbes Taylor raked in a cool 64 million last year. Her damn legs are insured for
40 million, and her net worth is 200 million…

But you had to shut em down, huh Taylor. That $12 mug was gonna put you in the poor house!

“It’s not her it’s her lawyers!”

Don’t be an idiot of course it’s her. You can still go to her concerts if you want but let’s at least be honest with ourselves, please.

Oh, the balls on her!

…maybe I’ll just go tag a bunch of my stuff instead. I’m not in the mood to actually pay her an homage just now.

But she should get that team of word searchers to look that one up because honestly…are you that ignorant? Don’t bite the hands that feed you, lady. Duh.

I don’t have time for a ten page Hollywood rant. She’s not worth that much.

I do have to get that song though. You know that’s the only way to cure an ear-bug or whatever. Not gonna pay for it though!

Yeah that’s right. Come at me, Taylor.

Oh one more:

* Sister made the mistake of telling me all this in public and was consequently embarrassed by my reaction. In my defense, she should have known better.

Threefold. She just hit all of my buttons at once. Impressive! I really don’t think I could be more offended unless she came over and messed with my kids or something.

Small business, abuse of the legal system, and Hollywood. Yep. That’s all the buttons.

Like that lil graphic I made implementing all of her buttons? If I didn’t have kids I’d seriously make t-shirts or something. Sell em for a dollar. Then right before they put me in jail (for neither ceasing nor desisting) I’d go to the media on my lil soapbox and call her out.

They’re only sort of hers anyway. She doesn’t write all her songs. And she didn’t like…invent words. Sheesh.

Damn it. I really liked her.





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