Do it for Johnny, Man.

PS… Happy Birthday!

I think. I’m either a little late or a little early (as usual) but I know it’s been about a year since I started this thing.

One of my first posts was about Noah’s fish. They were birthday fish and in two weeks it will be his birthday again.

…He wants a cat this time.

As for the fish…the originals have all passed on to fish heaven. May they float in peace. We’ve only got Legolas, the angel fish. He’s amazingly tough for a guy that’s so light he can’t stand up straight.

Or at all. He’s a fish, you know.


Those shades, though!

Hub made them out of sticker felt. Legolas is always chillin’ there so of course your first thought is “He needs sunglasses!”


So yesterday (while I was crying to indie pop) Hub and the kids ran to the store for pet food. They came back with this…


Matty. Or Mathew I guess if you’re fancy. They tell me he’s a crazy ninja that can hang from bars and open cabinets…

“ohno–” I say. “I’ll have to put a stop to that

Noah, my little saint and this ninja’s adopter, bursts into tears.

“You can’t! He’s perfect this way! Don’t change him!”

Well…ok. It’s not like we have anything that’s not replaceable. Except, apparently, Matty.

Matty’s other selling point,..


He walks on a leash. Hub, who makes sunglasses for fish, was so impressed he grabbed a set of these tiny harnesses for both cats. The stocky orange guy is Gus. We rescued him a couple years ago. I never thought he’d take to it but…




He loves it.

Now we just have to get him to love Matty. He’s always been so friendly, even to Sister’s evil dogs, but he’s got Matty curled up under the furniture like a tyrant.

I’d play the diplomat here if I could but I’m at a loss. Hub and I were always dog people and our dogs got along. Cats are damn mysterious. Maybe if I tell them they’re not allowed to be friends…

We’ll see. 




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