Like Water for Elephants…

…so here’s a thing. 

I think I’ve mentioned my Deviantart here before but at the time I wasn’t really doing anything with it. 

I was poking around on there this week though and found several requests from authors seeking book cover art and I thought…

Now that’s a sweet gig. 

It’s on the List of Stuff I Gots To Do, now. 

Goals are nice. 

Anyway, even though I’ve been doing digital art as a hobby for almost ten years now, I’ve never made anything for print. Or sale. Or…anything. I just do what I want. A few people have asked me to paint portraits for them before but that situation is nerve wracking. Can you imagine?

“You made my wife look like a troll!”

No… I just calls em like I sees em. 

So I’ve never taken any commissions. Illustration seems a lil less intense. 

If I got the chance, though I’d do the first one for free. That way, if I suck, nobody gets hurt. If I don’t suck it’ll be the start of something pretty neat. 

Unless the author sucks…

Anyway! If you’re an author and you think this proposition sounds neat, let me know. The link to my DA art page is at the top of this post, but I like a good adventure so if you have an idea, throw it out there! Even if it’s crazy. 

Especially if it’s crazy. 

Plus…it’s free! 

Maybe even fun. 
PS…The featured image for this post is in fact a painting of mine. My favorite painting, actually. The inspiration was a stock photo by Cathleen Tarawhiti. And btw, she sells stock images for books as well so if you are looking, I’d go there first. You won’t be disappointed. Most are free and the paid photos are only like $5. She’s good people. 



2 thoughts on “Like Water for Elephants…

    • Oh thanks for the heads up…before the update WP app had mean lil bugs that ruined my pictures,..I just put it straight on the post now but if you still can’t see let me know (:


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