Box Potatoes

So flakey! 

Once upon a time, my mother was a fantastic cook. If it wasn’t made from scratch it was “crap” and she would have nothing to do with it. 

She was a “quality” person. You might file her under some subcategory of Snob.  Not that there’s anything wrong with taking pride in your work, it was just kind of a whole thing with her. 

I’m not a bad cook.  I’m just not into it. Not my thang. So when my kids turned down her homemade mashed potatoes and she huffed “They’re just not used to real food…” I was not at all insulted. 

Box potatoes are totally real. You can know this with all five senses! They’re faster, cheaper, easier…what’s not to love? 

Flakes need love too! 

Take me, for example. 

I am a huge Flake. 

Yet if you cut me, do I not bleed? I usually do! 

Granted, there are many different flake varieties and some are better than others. 

I had this friend once that called herself a Flake but she abused the term terribly. 


Her – “Hey let’s go to a show! I’ll buy the tickets and we’ll make it a thing. Just give me your money and its on!”

Me – “Yes! You’re a genius. A show would be perfection.”

Day of the show…

Me – (leaving a third voicemail on her phone) So…hey! The girls and I are assuming there is no show…thanks for that!”

Her – (two days later) Oh…*giggles* I’m sorry! But…you know me. Such a Flake!


No.  That is just rude. It’s a completely different category altogether. 

People like that are the reason Flakes get no respect. 

Me…I’m a natural. I just like stuff and then I don’t. I do my best not to flake out on my fellow humans. You can’t use flakey-ness as an excuse to ditch out. 

Honesty is a thing even a Flake can value. 

In my case, it can be any number of things. Mostly though I just have a very short attention span. Like…infant short. Or goldfish. 

For instance…this is not at all what I meant to write about. 

I can’t remember what I was getting at now, though. 

Oh well! 

I guess what I ended up saying was that I’m a better Flake than some and then became judgmental and flakey…

“But I’m a Flake…what did you expect?!

Just kitten. I don’t judge. Too lazy. 

I did draw a goldfish though…

Quikie. I’m trying to cure my creative OCD. 

Anyway…I feel a lil guilty. I’m not saying hypothetical You is a bad flake. I’d never (intentionally) hurt someone (that didn’t deserve it). 

Just…you know…Flakes are people too! That’s all. 



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