Got Your Goat

Some things are just meant to be. 

Back story: 

Couldn’t sleep the other night so I cruised the App Store for some mindless something to space out to. 

And then….Super. 

I mean…it’s not a thing you can explain. You just gotta try it. 

I’ll put it this way…it’s so cool that I kinda don’t wanna tell people about it. It’s my Indie lil secret. 

But I like you guys. 

So go get it. 

But don’t be a nerd, ok. Keep it cool. The vibes there are chill and that’s a rare thing, ya know?

So if you do get it, let me know. I’m kicking some #addagoatruinaquote ass. You’ll see. 

Just search Super…it’s colorful but legit. 




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