Things I Learned from Anime

i loved it as a lil kid. 

I was a big Sailor Moon fan. I think most little girls are or would be. I felt she was the Wonder Woman of our generation. 

Only problem was you had to stay up really late to catch the show. So technically I wasn’t allowed to watch it (I’m about 10-12 here) and that of course made me want it even more. 

So this one time I sneak out, all alone and turn on the tv expecting Sailor Moon. What I saw was some kind of anime/manga (I don’t know all the terms or whatever) but it definitely wasnt Sailor. I kept watching though, just in case. 

Nope! Suddenly, some very dirty deeds were goin on in. Very dirty. Shock and awe! Cartoons don’t do that! Cartoons are for kids. 

Nope, again. I went back to bed, traumatized. I never watched anime again. I avoided it and anybody that liked it, assuming they were kinda…weird. 

I grew up and learned how to be open minded and accepting of all people. And I really am. Unless you’re hurting other humans, you and I are cool. 

But I still didn’t like anime. I just tolerated it. 

It’s hard to avoid in the art world. The following is so huge it’s incomprehensible, like some sort of subculture. 

It’s impossible to avoid on Deviantart. I’ve been trying to get my foot in the Comission door just to see if I can. Well, 9 out of 10 requests are for that style of art. 

Now, I know I can do character work…that cartoony kind of thing, I mean. So I figured anime would be a cinch. 

Competition is fierce though, especially without any examples in the genre. But finally, someone gave me the chance. 

Designing the portrait wasn’t a problem at all. Done. Painting it has been interesting….

You gotta be bold and strong handed with anime. You gotta know what you want, and where you want it. It’s like say what you mean, don’t hint at it. Nothing is implied. 

In my watercolor, everything is implied. 

You don’t draw a nose, you use a complicated system of light and shadow until you have implied one. 

Not so with anime. 

From DA.

See the difference? 

And I struggle with that. A lot. Ive realized I’m not a bold person at all. 

But I’d like to be. 

So, anime still isn’t my thing, but I’ve got a new respect for that kind of artwork and the people who do it. Maybe I’ll show you my commissioned piece when it’s done. 

If I ever find my voice. 



6 thoughts on “Things I Learned from Anime

  1. When it comes to art and anime, its a special thing to me. Mainly because you look at all the different shows, you will see a variety of different art.

    • It really is interesting. I see a TON of talent in it and I never expected that! There’s def some creepers on DA but yeah…we’ll see. I might really get into it (: Like I said I always loved the style, childhood trauma aside. (:

  2. Nice water color. The cartoon looks nice too (not sure if it’s your work). I’ve been drawing for many years. Always on commission however. So alls I have are lot’s of sketches. I was a street portrait artist in Manhattan back in the day (before the law dogs started chasing us out of Times Square). About displaying my stuff on my blog, I’m not computer literate enough to know how to do that. But enjoyed this piece.


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