Chapter One

So I had this dream, right…

I mean, ok sure, if you’ve been following from the beginning you might have guessed I have a few dreams. 

And they’re all very different. Yes…I’m quite the scattered mess. 

Focus is not my strong point. Yet. 

However…back to this particular dream. 

I wanna illustrate stuff. All kinds of stuff. 

I’ve been fishing, and I’ve hooked a few winners. 

I’m a good fisher…uh…woman. 

I’ve been dying to show you some of my work so far. Problem is, when you’re illustrating, it’s not just your work. So the major one, (a book cover! Dreams do come true!) will have to wait. 

I can show you this, though. And this is pretty damn cool. 

My brain child. Well…not really. Here’s the deal:

I hooked up with this up and coming fantasy author. I’ve said before that I’m a prissy reader, and it’s still true. I dig this lil web series in progress, though. 

Devour a God by Holly Xaneria Hartranft. Short lil chapters, about 500 words a week. Each illustrated by a rotating group of artists. I was fortunate enough to get Chapter One, and the above sketch is what my hand did after reading it.  
I tell ya… was quite an experience. No references except for the writing. 

Didn’t know I could do that. 

Now…I’ll say this here because I say everything here…I forgot a back leg. 

Ohgeez it’s driving me nutso. I’ll fix that. 

Anyway, I’m actually a bit early with this, (holy moly!) I believe her scheduled posts begin Sunday. You can still see the chapter if you follow the above link, but, you know, bookmark that shiz! 

You’re here, so you obviously like to read, amirite? 😉 





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