Skeelo’s Ghost. 

Aka Another Weird Tale from the Swamp. 

Quick recap: I live near(ish) a swamp/nature preserve. I’ve yet to actually see this alleged swamp; I have only an official State sign, and the weird wildlife to prove my theory. The incredibly dense forest surrounding my house prevents any sight of the thing and after the crazy stuff I’ve seen over the past two years, adventuring on foot is not an option. 

What crazy things? 

Well, “natural” wildlife aside, here’s a few off the top of my head (they’re all past blog posts as well, mostly during spring/summer if you’re curious) :

1. Cthulhu. Or maybe not but whatever it was could audition for the part and nail it easy. 

2. One-legged barefoot baby in the snow. That post has pictures!

3. The Rooster. Easily explained, I’m sure. But still. 

4. The Drummer. Still not sure who that guy is exactly but trust me, he’s still bangin away. 

5. The Disappearing Psycho Wife (actually don’t think I’ve told you about her, yet.)

…To name a few. And today I add a new one…Skeelo. 

So the setting here is a deserted country backroad that time forgot. We just got the Internet out here. No, really. And that’s just because the Hub hassled Comcast like it was his job for over a year. No cable, no deliveries, nothin. Just a long ass road with a mysterious “swamp” and a few scattered houses. 

My house actually faces two other houses across the half-dirt road. We are the only three-some around. Every other home has at least a few acres between neighbors. 

Anyway, both my neighbors have big grass lawns and a gravel driveway. The forest is behind their houses (rather than eating them as its doing to here but I digress). Long story short, I can see their whole setup. 

And I can say for a fact neither one of them has a basketball court. 

They don’t even have a net. I fact checked today when I got the mail. Haha. 

Why then, discerning Reader, is there the ever present sound of someone playing basketball?!

Don’t laugh, I’m serious! Ok…laugh it sounds ridiculous I know. But think about it…

All day everyday there is the clear and distinct sound of dribbling and shooting and rebounding. 

All day. 

I admit, I didn’t notice for a long time. I’m a mom and I can block out white-noise like a boss. I have a feeling it’s been there all along, though. 

Text thread between the Hub and I. Don’t mind my disgusting grammar, I’m totes lazy when I text with him. 

So that’s the story. I took the pleasure of naming this anomaly after the guy who wrote I Wish because, if you can’t beat em, join em, I guess. 



2 thoughts on “Skeelo’s Ghost. 

  1. HA. You’re better than me. If I hear weird noises in my house, which happens now and again, my bag is halfway packed before they finish. (Weird sound of dripping. No water / Weird scratching in the attic like something’s trying to get out the door.) rational people may suggest “pipes” and “squirrel”. Well, regular people can come stay here and die at the hands of a fucking poltergeist.

    Not me! Not today.

    • Ahaha oh believe me…Id have been long gone if it weren’t for the kiddos! I mean you caught the part where I named dropped Cthulhu, right?? Terrifying shit. But when it didn’t kill us I had to stay. C’est la vie.


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