Addressing the Hypothetical 

When I started this blog a little over a year ago, I had no idea what I was doing. 

That is still true. I can’t define this thing and I’ve stopped trying. It just…Is. 

I do know I never expected anyone to read it. I still don’t. I mean it’s not about anything, there’s no consistency in topic, style or post schedule. Sometimes it’s too raw but mostly it’s too wishy-washy (I am working on that, thoigh). 

Basically it’s the Seinfeld of the blog world.(without the popularity of course) No…it’s more like the Pilot Jerry and George wrote, “Jerry”. The Show About Nothing. Ya know? 

And then I’m always making references to things people probably never heard of like that. Sorry. 

Anyway, right from the start I referred to any and all (possible) readers as my Hypothetcals. I always use it affectionately, as I feel rather bonded to anyone who might actually read this. 

The term also refers to the open-ended relationship I imagine between us. By that I mean there’s no obligations here. I love comments and emails, but they are, of course, optional. I’ll never beg you for anything, that’s a promise. 

I’m trying to say I heart you, silly. And when you see me addressing Hypothetical You, well, now you know that’s you. 

All 157 of you. Yep, I usually avoid my stats but when I do look, I’m always blown away. It’s not a lot compared to the massive following of the Real Blogs but it’s huge for me. So thanks, y’all. (:

Speaking of the Stats, it looks like my contact page, Talk, Much?, is getting a good deal of views. That’s so cool! I hate snooping on you guys but I did notice and I just wanna say…

Go ahead. I don’t bite. I actually get all giddy and excited when I see an email from one of my Hypotheticals. True story. 

A few of you have sent notes and I sincerely thank you for that. I always respond so check your spam or whatever if you don’t hear back. 

It’s weird…addressing You so directly like this. I hope you don’t mind. 

“I hope you don’t mind, I hope you don’t mind, that I’ve put down in woooords…”

Thanks, Sir Elton. 

And thank You, my enigmatic, Hypothetical, You. 



22 thoughts on “Addressing the Hypothetical 

    • So I finally finished my response/thank you post for this and it exploded my WP app, crashed, and disappeared ): No joke. Do you lose your nom/get in trouble if I don’t write it again? I’m so extremely grateful but I’m not sure I’m up to writing it all again! Totes will if it puts you out at all though (:

      • Oh no! I’ve had challenges with the app as well. Can you access the full site sometime? There may be a draft of your post that was saved automatically. I hope that you can recover the file and mot lose all that work and time. Haha you won’t get in trouble this time 🙂

      • It disappeared when I used the website actually. Something in the transfers…I don’t actually know how to use the full site lol. Always on the app. But I saved it as a draft and it says I have no drafts! Searched all their lil folders…ugh. It’s s whole thing. 😕

  1. You are an amazing individual, Bella. You create a following everywhere you allow yourself to go. Even your secret blog! Love you babe. -Hub


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