Serendipity and The Riot Act

I really hate Sunday’s. 

The Hub gets all stress-y, holds it in, then explodes all over the place. 

Every week this happens. And somehow I still never see it coming. 

I mean he’s fabulous, okay I really couldn’t ask for a better guy. It can’t be easy being married to me. I know this. I admit it. I’m always chasing unicorns and burning dinner and so many other stupid little things. 

Still. I wish he’d get a blog. I love the open honesty we have but a dumpster I am not. 

Neither are you, don’t get wrong here. I wish kittens and rainbows for all of you. But coming here to work things out has saved me loads of trouble over this last year…its therapy. Who couldn’t use a lil of that? 

Anyway, that happened and here I am. I’ve been kinda busy with illustration work lately. I’m eternally grateful myself but the Hub gets a little frustrated when I make the obvious choice of art over housework. 

But…wouldn’t you? 


I should’ve come here last night. Thought about it…played Dragon Wars instead. 

They have this unicorn, you see, and…

But I digress. When I finally did show up, your comments and a tear jerker nomination from Living A Beautiful Life (response in a few!) brought me a few smiles and a good deal of peace. 

Priceless. I thank all the Hypothetical Yous. Wish I had better words to give but maybe you’ll catch my vibe, anyway. 

You’re pretty good at that. 

And I know Hub. It’s not really me he’s shadow boxing. God knows I’ve punished him for blows dealt by others. I can certainly return the favor of his patience today. 

Definition of Love, folks. 

About a year ago I wrote a post concerning the importance of socks and here we are again, full circle. 

Authors, art, blog posts and unicorns must wait. There’s a guy here challenging my love. 

Challenge accepted. 


2 thoughts on “Serendipity and The Riot Act

  1. I feel you. Sincerely, you’ve got the right answer. The folks who say both partners have to contribute 100 per cent to a relationship, in my opinion, are wrong. One person has to give 100 per cent. Please forgive me if I have offended you. Just thought I could say this. Point is if the above is not implemented it becomes a score card. I enjoyed the post though, have to say. Ciao

    • Balance is tough…our mantra is basically “do your best with what you’ve got”. I know it sounds cliche but…sometimes you can and sometimes you just can’t.


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