It’s almost 3am. 

Why the hell am I awake. 

If I made one of my bullet lists it would look insane…


* A woman and a tree of life can have a similar shape. I can do this. No big deal. (Illustration job)

* Gus deserves to live. I gotta find that website for animals…like a gofundme thing but gawd I hate asking for stuff. 

* I could help them…I know I could. Like,  really, help. But no. Too busy. Just…no. 

* Sad panda…I wanna do everything. Why wasn’t I born super? 

* Be careful what you wish for. Trust me on that one. So bored for so long and then boom…every time. 

See? It’s crazy. I’m crazy. 

Or overwhelmed. Same thing in the end. 

I can do this. 

I can do this. 


2 thoughts on “Stuck. 

  1. That was an incredible job articulating what my brain has done to me on many occasions! Lol. A trip to some type of nature escape (lake to watch the sunset or even just the waves, park to daydream and watch the silly birds flit about their simple lives, etc.) usually does the trick for me. Helps to slow ya down I think. Anyway, awesome job, loved your post, and I hope you’re feeling less overwhelmed.

    • Thank you! And that is fantastic advice I’ll try that next time (: Music got me through this one…I’ll post an update as soon as it’s visually understandable lol.


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