Incubus to the rescue, once again. 

It’s crunch time. 

Shit or get off the pot time. 

Normally, pressure lights my fire. I do some of my best work under pressure. 

But this…this is art. And it cannot be done with fear behind the wheel. 

If you watch the video you’ll see what I’m getting at. 

My anthem today. 

Art is delicate. When you are creating, it absorbs your vibes. 

I do my most intricate work when I’m sad. I don’t know why. Maybe my pieces speak for me…that’s not something I can hear though. 

Only You, the viewer, can tell me what they’re saying. 

But commentary is rare. I might never know. 

And I’m ok with that. Normally. 

But I have a deadline now. 

Why. Why do I have this drive. And where the hell am I going, anyway? 

When I go for these things it’s a dream that drives me. It’s powerful, whatever it is. 

But Fear inevitably takes the wheel. 

If I could catch it…maybe this time. 

I’m almost there. I promise to show you when I’m done. 

Because I will come through. 

God I wish I was normal. 

To be continued….


4 thoughts on “Drive. 

  1. There is no normal, dear girl. We created those two gauges as a mere deception that we might set bars to aid us in the fiction of assessing. To place the mantle over our shoulders of worth and value. There is no normal not among an ocean of assessors who employ fiction as our merit badges to decry worth where there is none. Distribute the accessible Grace of God upon thyself and rock on.

  2. Distribute the accessible grace of God upon thyself and rock on.

    Bro! Well put! Im logging that in my mind for future use!

    Bella, I feel you babe. I think ANM7 is on the right track with there is no normal. You have to just do you, like we talk about. Whatever that turns out to be, I’ll love it, I promise.


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