oh hey (:

We reserve the right to skip over the awkward “where you been at” moment here. I’m just glad to see ya. Nuff said. 

Oh except maybe happy anniversary…

Top of my notifications list just now. Weird right? I’ve been away on adventures kind of a while but come back randomly on the 2yr anniversary? I don’t use a calendar or like…schedule stuff. Lol anyway. Didn’t mean to go all The Number 23on ya. 

But I have been adventuring. I did a lot more thinking than talking during that time and no writing at all. So…rocky reading ahead if you’re into that. 

Anyway words are hard. To be honest I wasn’t sure if I’d come back to this place. I wanted to but had some serious mental backup. It was time for me to be quiet. 

Lately though I’ve thought more and more about this lil oasis. And words of a new kind are blooming lately. 

But I really don’t know wtf. 

Maybe it’ll be fun though. 



2 thoughts on “Idkwtf


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